11 Tips To Help You When Hiring a Moving Company

By: James Myers

11 Tips To Help You When Hiring a Moving Company

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You and your real estate agent have finalized the agreement to purchase your new home and now comes the task of packing up and preparing for moving day. Here are a few short and to the point items to consider if you decide to go the route of hiring a professional moving company.


1. Ask what happens if something gets broken? Then wait and listen for their response. If you are given a wishy-washy evasive answer that is probably similar to the response you will get if they actually do break something.

2. Google them for reviews. Most of the Google reviews are pretty straight because what do most people do these days to complain about bad service? They vent online.

3. Be sure they come for an on-site quote. If they just give you an estimate over the phone you can be sure that some unforeseen issue will pop up that can end up costing you more than the quote.

4. Let the mover know about everything you want moved when they come to give you a price. Just as you would not want extra charges after being given a price, the mover does not want extra items added after the fact unless they are going to get paid for it.

5. Does it include the belongings in the garage and the shed?

6. How long has the company been in business? Moving companies have been known to close up shop one day then open as a new business the next. As for asking for references from them, don’t bother, you will only get the good references.  See point 2 above.

7. If you are paying by the hour, be sure to clarify how many workers the hourly rate includes and how much per hour any extra workers would cost. Many hands make light work.

8. Find out about insurance coverage for your belongings during transit. Whether your homeowners insurance or the mover’s insurance covers you doesn’t really matter as long as you know and can deal with it so that you are covered somehow.

9. Take photos of your belongings prior to the move especially the high value and fragile stuff. With Smartphones and digital cameras these days, it would take no time at all to do this.

10. Since the movers probably cannot view your new home, let them know about any obstacles they may encounter at the new location. They will be upset (and rightfully so) to find a full set of stairs leading to the front door or a 100 foot walk from the driveway to the new house.

11. Any jewellry or small, high value items, don’t even bother to ask the movers about them. Save yourself the potential for aggravation and just move them yourself or wrap them carefully and ship them with a courier. It’s just not worth the risk.


There is lots of information out there online to help educate you on the moving process, these are some common sense thoughts to try and help you out when dealing with a moving company.