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You have to pay your property taxes! Fight back against the bank!

Everybody knows that when you buy a house and become a homeowner you have to pay property taxes. What most people do not realize is how seriously the mortgage lenders take your taxes. They want to be sure that your taxes are paid and kept up to date in case…

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Should I renovate my kitchen before I sell my house?

It is true that a sparkling kitchen will help to sell a home faster and for more money. A question that comes up occasionally with people thinking of selling their home is Should I renovate the kitchen before I sell my house? I cannot give you a definitive Yes or…

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CMHC Mortgage Insurance Raises Rates

This week the two companies that offer mortgage default insurance in Canada (CMHC and Genworth) raised their rates for home buyers needing mortgage insurance. The is in response to new requirements for insurers to hold greater capital to create a buffer for potential losses. Mortgage default insurance must be purchased…

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Reverse Mortgages - Are they right for you?

You have seen the ads on TV of a certain distinguished looking gentleman endorsing a product called a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a financial product which allows homeowners over 55 access to equity in their homes in order for them to continue to live there. With a reverse…

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